Friday, July 22, 2016

1.5V Electric fly zapper circuit

This circuit is an electric zapper that can convert 1.5v to very high voltage, so it can used as a fly killer. you have to connect two thin metal grid to the output exactly look like to commercial fly zapper. output voltage can reach to more than 2000v.
You can use almost any other PNP transistor rather than S8550 and any other NPN transistor rather than S9013.
The circuit run with 1.5v and consume 40mA to 100mA.

Parts list:
Transistor S9013
Transistor S8550
Resistor 30K
Capacitor 100nF
Capacitor 2uF 400v (8pcs)
Diode 1N5408 (8pcs)
Transformer 6v
Battery 1.5v 
Two thin metal grid

1.5V Electric fly zapper circuit1.5V Electric fly zapper circuit